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Introducing our own generous rewards currency, DISCOVERY Dollars (D$).

This December, the reimagined DISCOVERY loyalty programme, GHA DISCOVERY, is about to get substantially more rewarding.

As a GHA DISCOVERY member, you’ll earn up to 7% back in DISCOVERY Dollars (D$) on every eligible purchase across our 500+ hotels in 85 countries. D$ can be applied to a variety of upgrades and indulgences on your next visit.


The value is clear:

All members are eligible to earn D$ from Day One. The percentage (%) rises with your membership level. And members who join during a stay can earn D$ instantly on their current booking.

Oh — and did we also mention, you’ll be able to earn D$ on eligible purchases you make when you stay at GHA DISCOVERY hotel near you? Think fine dining, spa treatments, leisure activities and more.

That means even when you’re not travelling, you can stay at our distinctive hotels closer to home … for the weekend, over a holiday, with that special someone … and still earn (and spend) rewards currency. While also accumulating eligible spend toward your next membership level upgrade.

Who’s ready to earn some D$?

You can apply D$ on your final bill towards ...

Room stay






Save up for your next dream getaway, treat yourself to an opulent room upgrade, go for a really nice bottle at dinner, get the massage plus facial or explore your destination with a curated Experience … there are countless ways to spend your D$.

What's more ... you can use D$ to pay for Experiences.

Our reimagined Local Experiences are open to members of every tier. (More on that next week.) In the meantime, if you have active Local Experience awards, please note that they will be converted into D$ on 7 December 2021. The conversion rate will be D$100 (USD 100) for Platinum Local Experience awards and D$200 (USD 200) for Black Local Experience awards. You can expect to see this conversion reflected in your member account on 7 December 2021.

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*Availability may vary. Apply D$ toward your bill at time of check-out. Void where prohibited. Terms and conditions apply.